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3 Great Qualities Our Fit Moms Have

September 24, 2015 / Training

I’m always amazed at how well our athletes perform on a daily basis. We have some really developed athletes and some a little underdeveloped newer athletes but they all always surprise me. I was sitting around thinking about who our best athletes and members are and realized that they’re almost all moms! I started jotting down some of the qualities these moms possess that has made them such great athletes. Check out my top 3:

3. Humble and ready
These women are the leaders of their household and are the ones that are looked upon to fix and lead everything. So with this in mind, you would think our moms would be full of pride and not be as open to listen to me. This is absolutely not the case. These ladies put their pride aside, stay humble and are always trying to listen and learn. Taking in knowledge and applying it is one of those qualities that has made them such great athletes and people. They understand that they will only get better if they continue this and they’re a joy to teach because of it.


2. Nutrition habits
When our ladies first joined I told them that to maximize results, they need to eat right. They listened and are reaping the benefits from it. Not only are they making strength gains but they’re also leaning out. Maybe it’s the fact that they want their kids to eat well so they want to be a great example, but they all eat for the most part very well. Jennifer and Amber for example both understand that they can’t eat junk food every day and get away with it at the gym. They both stick to a paleo-ish diet and both count their macronutrients pretty consistently in order to keep themselves accountable. It’s no surprise that they’re both consistently at the top of our leaderboard in every category. Learn from these ladies and make good nutrition habits a priority if you want to maximize results.


1. Time management
Yeah, sometimes life happens and you can’t make it to the gym but it can’t always be the excuse. This is probably the best trait our fit moms possess. Their day consists of getting their kids ready for school, going to work, taking them to baseball/band practice, picking them up from school, cooking dinner and going to school all at the same time. With such a long day, they could easily throw in the towel and take the day off from the gym that day but they don’t! The gym actually ends up being a little sanctuary for them where they can get away and just focus on working out for a little bit. Making the gym and their health a priority is the first step to securing a time slot in the day for it. They all have big goals they want to reach and they know that they need to set aside 1 hour a day for this. Planning ahead of time their day is what gets them consistently at the gym and performing well.

I think these are great habits and qualities that you as an athlete can learn from. Whether you do CrossFit or not, you will only benefit from following the foot steps the moms at our gym follow. These ladies inspire me to be a better coach and athlete, so be humble, eat well, and show up. Seems very simple and if our busy busy moms can do it, then so can you!