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Dear nurses, take control of your body.

December 7, 2016 / Everyday Heroes, Training
Dear nurses, take control of your body.

When it comes to everyday heroes, nurses are among the top. They usually work long 12-hour shifts in a very high-stress environment (which increases cortisol levels). They see the worst of us, and usually bear the brunt of our discomfort; they see death and usually very little sunlight. All these obstacles make it very tough for someone to stay healthy and in shape, even when the very thing they do in their profession is make people feel healthier. As healthcare professionals your health needs to be a priority even when motivation (because of the high stress) and scheduling make it tough to do so. Here are some tips for keeping your workouts going and your nutrition in check.


Supportive community. Sometimes, the days and nights in the ER get stressful…who am I kidding this is EVERY day. Having a great group to work out with makes it a lot easier to keep going in. Group classes are the solution for this. When you do group classes at CrossFit 1Pulse and you haven’t shown up in a week, you’re getting texts and calls from everyone motivating you to come in. You almost feel part of a team that you don’t want to let down and it’s a huge motivator for going in.


Schedule. We can all make excuses about not having enough time, but we all have an hour. If you don’t, we have to make room for it. The best thing to do here is plan ahead! Check out the calendar with your work shifts and plan out when you want to come in during the week. Be realistic, do you feel better working out before/after your shift? The same goes with your nutrition. On your day off, make some healthy food in bulk and meal prep for the days you work. Grill some chicken breasts and you have great fuel for the week to come. Make sure you get it all in Tupperware so you don’t have to worry about it later on.


Look, we’re not saying it’s easy. I see it every day with the nurses at our box. What I’m saying is that it IS possible to take control of your body even under the most stressful of careers. If you have any questions or want to learn about how we can help, shoot us a message or set up an appointment to meet with us about your goals.

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