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Client Stories

Amber's Story

Losing 100 lbs
Prior to CrossFit, I was active, but it wasn't an every day kind of thing. I was in the Army on Active duty and while we did workout daily, it was not anywhere near as tough as a CrossFit workout. I enjoyed running 5K, 10K, and half marathon running races, but that was the extent of my competing. I didn't have much muscle tone and was not very strong at all. I was always middle of the pack on my fitness test in the Army and never really excelled. Though, I was also recovering from my fat years and was still in the process of losing 100 pounds of excess weight from prior pregnancies and bad eating habits. Mentally, I was already pretty strong. I wanted to go head to head with the guys and I could push myself through some difficult races. So entering CrossFit seemed like a great fit when I walked into my first box to prep for an obstacle course race with my friend.

CrossFit has stoked the fire I have for competing. Every day is a new chance to beat who I was yesterday and I have gone on to compete with both a team of amazing girls, a awesome partner, coach, and best friend, as well as finally take that step into individual competition. I have had the pleasure of placing first place in my division both individually and on a team, as well as hitting around middle of the pack. Through it all, I have hit many PR's, accomplished many new skills, and made some of the best friends I could ever ask for. I feel strong, confident, and happy with myself both physically and mentally now and this carries over into my daily life outside of the gym.

Before I came to CrossFit 1Pulse, I was a member at two other CrossFit boxes. The first one was a large gym with large classes and no one really made an attempt to befriend me. They had their cliques and their own agendas. At the second box, the classes were still large, but the room was smaller, more crowded. But the biggest issue for me here were the trainers. Most of them did not care to help outside of the class or were the kind that used harassment as motivation (which doesn't work for me!). When I left there and found CrossFit 1Pulse, it was a great mix of space and family. The members were awesome and friendly, the coach was super helpful and very accommodating to my to compete and excel, and space allowed me to bring my kids with me to train and gave them a space for homework and relaxing too!

As for advice for those of you that might be hesitant, just do it! The worse that you lose is sweat, tears, and weight. Maybe you lose an hour of your day, but I guarantee you that you will gain so much more if you stick with it. As the cliche goes, I met my best friends in this crazy world of CrossFit and found myself in the process. Every one that comes here comes for one reason (train for an event, lose weight, new years resolutions), but they stay for the social aspect and the family feeling you get when you walk through the doors.

Gianna's Story

From Sluggish to Athlete Again
My entire life I have been an athlete. I never had to worry about eating habits, or working out regularly because it came naturally. Once I began my career, everything changed. I gained 40lbs, I wasn't exercising at all, and I often felt sluggish.
I was introduced to CrossFit by friends. At first I wasn't sure how I would acclimate to CrossFit workouts. It was quite scary.
During my on ramp at Crossfit 1Pulse my opinions completely changed. The atmosphere was welcoming and the coaches were eager to help me reach my goal and help me regain my athleticism.
CrossFit has become a part of my daily life, it has held me accountable for my diet, health, and mental wealth being. It is a place I go to decompress, it has become my second home. I would recommend it to anyone who is in need of a physical or mental change. I guarantee you will fall on love with CrossFit just like I did.

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