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25 Sep

You get off of work, head to your car and check the workout for the day one more time before heading to the house to change. Yep, that WOD with 5 rounds is still on there…. and so are the 800 meter runs in every round…… and the 50 double unders…… As I sit there and think I have no energy for this today, I know in the back on my mind that I am in the last week I have left of training before I taper next week for my first HUGE individual CrossFit competition. I have to muster not only the mental willingness to go home, walk past my bed, change and drive 20 minutes to the box, but also wake my body up and be able to put in a quality workout and not just “go through the montions”. Because when you are training for a competition, or a race, or anything that matters, it isn’t always about how much you do, but what you do.

As a mom working 2 jobs, running crazy every day with homework battles with the kids, making dinner, and also making time for my own homework, my days are long and I end up exhausted by time I am going to workout. But I love it. Deep down, I KNOW I want to be there. I just need to get my body in gear! Enter……. GamePlan! More specifically, their pre-workout supplement called “Pump”. Pretty much, the name says it all. It pumps you up for what you are doing. As a sponsored coach of theirs, they sent me this to try in addition to their protein (more on that at a later date!). Anyone that knows me, knows that free or not, I am pretty vocal about the things I love and the things I hate. If it sucks, it sucks! But this! This stuff is amazing!


So here is the inside scoop on this stuff. Yes, this stuff works and yes it taste great! That is the short of it. Here is the long (but still short!) of it.According to the site, Pump is:”Even the most focused fitness enthusiast needs a little boost from time to time. This is where science supported supplementation helps to address every angle of incredible performance, intensity, strength, focus and endurance.

An amazing combination of focused energy and strength and endurance. Caffeine, L-tyrosine, Captured Creatine, Beta-Alanine and Citrulline.”
You can see that it has the caffeine to get you going. Most pre-workouts have this ingredient and everyone knows what it does. Next, you have Beta-Alanine. This you might know really know about, but if you have ever had a pre-workout drink and got that tingling feeling, you have felt it! Beta-Alanire causes the tingling feeling, but it isn’t harmful. It is responsible for improving your work capacity (as in just do more!), helps with building that lean muscle mass, and delays muscle fatigue. While it is not considered one of your “essential” amino acids, it is really helpful. Couple this with the creatine that is in this and your muscles are set for not only a great pumped up workout (pun intended!) but a great recovery as well. The L-tyrosine is your amino acid that keeps you alert, focused and on track during your workout. Lastly, citrulline is is that boost in endurance and performance over workouts that are lasting more than a few seconds. So what this boils down to is that its great for your WODs, circuit training, running, and anything outside of just a lift or 2.
So now that we go through the technical “what is this stuff”, let’s get to the real questions. First! Does it taste good? I have tried both the fruit punch and the orange flavors and must say that orange is my favorite! It literally taste like Tang. Mmmm…. The fruit punch is not bad either. Its a mellow taste and easy to drink down. The mix-ability is pretty good with the right amount of water. I typically do 8-10 ounces with half to 3/4 scoop and let it sit for a few minutes to dissolve. Then, a little swirl while I am drinking keeps it great!
As far as the effect you get from this, its best to ease into the dosage. I take half a scoop (its a big scoop in there!) and I feel an easy boost in energy, a tiny bit of tingling, and sustained energy through my workout. Taken about 15-20 minutes before the WOD, it works great. I highly recommend starting off with a small dose to see how you react to it since the larger dose may have you sweating or tingling like crazy!
But nothing can be this good right? There has to be a downside otherwise why isn’t everyone using it? Well, I will say this.
  • The powder clumps…. A lot! I tend to take a butter-knife and pound the crap out of the big clumps to make them manageable. But really, they dissolve great and the drink is smooth.
  • It’s a little more in price than others. If you take a half scoop like I do, you can turn that 30 serving into a 60 serving and it makes it a little better. Also, you can sign up through my link and save 10% off your order. When you think that Pump actually taste great, is a great working and clean drink, and you can save that 10%, its not a bad deal at all, just $0.75 a serving (at 60 servings) or $1.50 a serving (for 30 servings).
  • To get the 10%, you end up on a auto-ship program. BUT! It is very easy to cancel or postpone your shipment online. Any really, you are going to use this every workout so you will need more anyways in a month. 😉
At the end of the day, it comes down to if you will actually take the product. I love this one and would actually go out of my way to purchase it when I run out. It’s a game changer for me and it taste great (it’s gotta taste good otherwise I’m out!). So do yourself a favor, signup, get the 10% off and try this stuff! You can also click here to see my “GamePlan” that I use from their line
Use this link to sign up for the 10% off ANYTHING on the site, not just the pump: GAMEPLAN
If you forget that link, just remember to add the promo code “1pulse” at checkout. But that link will prefill it for you. Make sure you come back and tell me what you thought of it and if it worked for you.
07 Sep

Your body needs protein to recover the muscles that break down during our time here in the CrossFit classes and throughout the day. Even though we preach that you eat whole meals to meet your macronutrients, a whey protein drink is exactly what you need after a workout to recover and rebuild!

The taste in both the vanilla and chocolate flavors are great, although I prefer the vanilla. The vanilla flavor lets you mix it with your coffee in the mornings and with your orange flavor Recovery BCAAs (think creamsicle), so in that regard it is more versatile.

This all natural protein is sourced from American cows that are hormone free (not treated with those nasty rBGH/rBST hormones). A lot of protein supplements are currently being outsourced to China and although some are a little cheaper, we always chose quality over anything when it comes to our bodies and what we put in them.

Whey protein isolate (WPI) is the highest yield of protein available. WPI is a natural byproduct of cheese production, but WPI’s special manufacturing process removes excess fats and lactose. Since protein is not stored and needs to be ingested, this low-sugar/low-fat 3:1 isolate and concentrate blend ensures immediate protein release to your muscles followed by the slow release concentrate to make sure you don’t miss a beat.

Why To Take

Protein is one of the most vital nutrients to the human body, especially to athletes and health enthusiasts. Think of whey protein as food for your muscles.

When To Take

Take post workout, during breakfast (mix with your coffee), or anytime during the day to up your protein intake.

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