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Amber RX: Barehand Gloves

November 3, 2015 / Amber RX, Equipment
Amber RX: Barehand Gloves

You step up to the bar and start to sweat. The workout calls for a bazillion pull ups and you can already feel your hands ripping just thinking about how to conquer this. You could use gloves, but those always slip off the bar or fatigue your grip more than they are worth. What do you do!?

If you are like me, you want something that is thin, durable, and that won’t get in the way of your workout. Nothing ever worked for me and I tried EVERYTHING! I tried Reebok CrossFit gloves (like jumping on the bar with oil on your hands the leather is so smooth), those pad things with the finger loops on the back (seriously?! These feel like I have pillows on my hands. How am I even suppose to grip!), tape (enter sweat. And its off…..), chalk (re-apply, re-apply, ect….), lifting gloves (not quite a pillow, but it bunches and gives me more rips and blisters!), you name it. But, I am a sucker and I will try anything once. This is where I found Barehand Gloves from RAWW Gear. These are like those half gloves you see some people wearing, but better. They don’t have that tacky glue line in them to “keep them on” and the actual cover is just a thin leather. There is a pull tab for easy on/off, but other than that, they are pretty minimal. They are your bare bones, get to the workout, no frills, amazing gloves, and I love them. Anyways! Let me show you the technology per their site.
I don’t use theses all the time, but I do use them for snatches, kettle-bells swings, high volume pull ups, and anytime it’s extra sweaty at the gym. Building my grip strength is important so I try to use them just when I really need them.
These last a long time too. I have had mine about a year now and the leather is just now completely rubbed out. Though, that being said, I can still use them just fine. I will say that there is a learning curve is you have issues addressing the pull up bar. Just jumping up on the bar and pulling down will cause the glove to fold over on itself and render itself useless. But, once you learn how to properly engage the bar, that does not become a problem anymore.




As you can see, my gloves take a beating. That photo above with my palm up can show you how much wear they have after about a year of use. They look like a mange ridden cat, BUT they are still going strong! I can literally use them for anything from the bar to the rings.


Like I said…..EVERYTHING! Anyways, just trust me. You HAVE to try these. At just $25, they are a steal! Not to mention, they are patent-pending. Most gloves cost twice as much.

As you can see, I love them. I compete in them and swear by them. They just really feel like nothing is in between me and the bar. But I still do chalk up with them just as you should with any hand gear. It helps with grip. One thing they seem to not address on the site is the care of their gloves. After a few workouts, I find that these can start to smell quite ripe. What I do is throw them in the wash with my regular laundry on a cold wash with a mild detergent. Then, I let them air dry. That kills the smell and keeps them going strong. I will also sometimes use a odor spray from WOD Welders to spritz on them after workouts. The peppermint in the spray works great.

If you want to check these gloves out, check out their site here.

I just ordered my second pair and it did take about 2 weeks to ship. Mine should be here any day now. You can also follow them on instagram @barehand.gloves Tell them @liveliftrun sent you! Check out Amber’s blog here